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September 2015, Toyota began a 100 000 KM road Test on the new Mirai in the streets, rural roads of Europe. The test was successfully completed in February after driving for 16 hours a day, for 107 days. 


The Toyota Mirai road test started on September 21st, 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. It was on the road for 16 hours a day, for 107 days. During it’s 100 000 KM test, the Mirai was refueled with just under 400 times, with over 1000 Kg’s of Hydrogen. There were no mechanical breakdowns or issues with the tires being changed twice and the front brake pads only changed once. Toyota-Fuel-Cell-Vehicle-edited

Toyota gave responsibility of the road test to KJ Tech Services of Hamburg. Toyota only defined the total distance of the test, as well as the amount of time spent on each different type of road . KJ Tech Services plotted a route in and around Hamburg that would take the Toyota Mirai in the city, on rural roads, motorways, and on the German autobahn.

KJ Tech Services organized a team of 8 drivers to drive for 2 shifts a day, 6 days a week.  The drivers commented on how well it handled on curves, the impressive maneuverability, how responsive the steering was, how the acceleration was smooth with no jerking, and also the power. The Mirai impressed the drivers by delivering exceptional power at a moments notice.

The driving team was also in charge with refilling the Mirai with hydrogen themselves. They all had very little training, as there is little difference between filing up a hydrogen car and a standard gasoline one. They also noticed the advantage of hydrogen fueled vehicles compared to common plug-in electric vehicles, Instead of recharging overnight, which basically stops the vehicle from being used until it’s recharged, The Mirai is refilled with hydrogen in roughly 3 minutes, and can immediately continue on its drive.

Toyota_Mirai_InteriorBesides the mechanics of the Mirai, The interior also impressed the driving team. It is comfortable and attractive, with luxurious leather seats and steering wheel, while also being spacious. Even the tallest driver said there was plenty of legroom.

“The Mirai Performed Excellently with no mechanical breakdowns. The fuel cell operated with 100% reliability” Said KJ Tech Services Project Manager Patrick Hale. “This was also the case during a week in which the outside temperature dropped to minus 20 Degrees Centigrade, when no problems with cold starts were reported.”

It would seem that the Toyota Mirai Concept is getting even closer to becoming a reality.

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