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There are a ton of great accesories that can be added to the 2015 Toyota Tacoma to make your truck experience better than ever! Here are McPhillips Toyota in Winnipeg’s Top 7 Tacoma Accesories!

Tacoma Balc

Tacoma Bed Extender

•Bed Divider – Sometimes, the extra large truck bed can be a little to big. Dividing the bed can be really helpful to keep some of the smaller objects safe and secure.

•Bed Extender – Depending on what you need to carry, the truck bed may not be large enough! With the Bed Extender, you can add extra space for some of your bigger items! The Extender sits over top of the tailgate to give you the extra space you need.

•Skid Plate – Adding the Skid Plate to your Tacoma with both add style, and protection from rocks and other debris while driving! Now you can enjoy offroading while still protecting the underbody of your vehicle!

•TRD Performance Exhaust – The TRD Performance exhaust has a slick stainless steel construction to reduce corrosion and cat-black design to  give your Tacoma better horsepower, sound, and an amazing overall appearance boost!

•TRD Off-road Alloy Bronze – Style, and strength! The TRD Offroad Alloy wheels not only look amazing with their bronze painted finish, But have a higher strength to weight ratio from their alloy construction!

•Hood Deflector – Hood deflectors may seem minimal, but they add a lot of protection to your hood and paint from debris and insect damage while traveling.

•Bongiovi Acoustics  DPS – Who doesn’t like listening to some good tunes while driving? The Bongiovi Acoustics DPS improves the sound from every type of audio device, especially including personal music players!


There are more then just these seven Accessories for the 2015 Tacoma. To see the 2015 Tacoma in person, come down to McPhillips Toyota in Winnipeg! Our Product Advisors will do their best to help you find the accessories that best suit what you are looking for!

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