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Toyota is a brand that has been around since August 28, 1937. In those many years, it has seen an evolution of the automotive industry. Constantly working on new innovations, Toyota strives to give you amazing brand value! With high resale values, safety that is unparallelled, and outstanding efforts in fuel economy, Toyotas are built to last you a long time.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car1. The Toyota Star Safety System is standard on all vehicles. It is award-winning, and is constantly updated and improved. Airbags in strategic places and intelligent systems to keep you safest on the road come together to keep you and your family secure, no matter what you’re facing.

2. Toyota factories were pioneers in the assembly line system we know today. Major advancements in productivity were made by Toyota factory to work towards “lean manufacturing“.

3. Toyota Tundras can pull a full sized jet! Their towing capacity is massive and is constantly improving. The Tacoma also has great towing capacity, and is one of the only small trucks available on the market today.

4. As of 2007, all Toyotas have traction control and vehicle stability control. As a Winnipeg resident, this is very convenient because you will have amazing control of your vehicle in the winter, even on icy highways. There is no sure way to prevent accidents, but Toyota definitely does its part to minimize them!

5. Toyota has sold over half of all hybrids in the United States. First released in 1997, the Toyota Prius is a leader in hybrid technology. And, coming soon is the Toyota Mirai, still in the concept phase. It is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that could change the way we look at powering our vehicles.

Who knows what’s next around the corner for Toyota! At McPhillips Toyota in Winnipeg, we’re always keeping an eye out for new developments. Come see us to learn more about what a Toyota can do for you!

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