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The 2016 Toyota Tacoma, redesignedThe 2016 Toyota Tacoma has been redesigned for 2016! The first models to be delivered to McPhillips Toyota in Winnipeg are now scheduled for production. This means they are still a little ways away, but their arrival is getting close. We thought now would be a good time to go over what is new for 2016 with the Tacoma.

First, and most noticeable, is the redesigned exterior. The re-imagined front grille, new designs for wheels, and colour pallette all contribute to the Tacoma looking rugged and sporty. Inside, the layout is generally the same, but with some upgraded features and options. For instance, dual-zone automatic climate control is now standard in some trim levels. Wireless charging is now available in the Limited trim level, and the Toyota Smart Key System (read: push button start and keyless entry and locking) is now an option on many trims.

There are eight models in total to choose from, with the 4×2 option still available. For those that enjoy a manual transmission, there are three models that offer manual, so you’re guaranteed that option! In addition to all of this, you’ll find an upgraded suspension and frame, two engines to choose from, and some really cool new technologies, like Crawl Control.

As for colour options, there are some very nice choices available! Toyota is bringing back a lighter blue, Blazing Blue Metallic. This is similar to the Speedway Blue that used to be available for the Tacoma. Inferno is a new colour for the Tacoma, too, the orange that is seen in many promo shots. In addition to these, a Beige will also be available. This is reminiscent of the look of an FJ Cruiser and looks sharp! Of course, the Tacoma will also be available in black, grey, silver, white, and red. Whether you prefer a more classic look, or want to shake things up with something funky, you can find it on the new Tacoma.

We are still waiting on final details and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the first 2016 Tacoma. Check with us for updates, and come test drive the 2016 Toyota Tacoma once it’s in at McPhillips Toyota this fall!

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