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rav4 vehicle wrap gblk enterprises at mcphillips toyota in winnipegEvery year, the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival continues to grow. It has become a huge event, drawing thousands of Winnipeggers to the Garden City area for amazing entertainment and food. Its sponsorship has grown from a few local businesses to many prominent businesses from all over Winnipeg. McPhillips Toyota has been happy to be a part of this growth! This year, we went all out and did a full vehicle wrap with amazing graphics designed by GBLK Enterprises. They came up with a concept that we absolutely loved, and applied the vinyl wrap with finesse, right in our showroom!

It was a really neat process to watch, and has turned into a beautiful vehicle. We wouldn’t be surprised if someone wanted to purchase it with the vinyl wrap still on. The application process was set so that the “McPhillips Toyota” logos on sides and back can be removed without damage to the artwork underneath. The vinyl wrap itself should last for years as long as it is maintained, and not pressure-washed.

Customers at the dealership were very interested in the vinyl application, and it was something fun to watch and learn about. We’ve gotten so much support from Winnipeggers of all backgrounds, and are so happy to be able to give back and support events like the Filipino Parade, which we will be attending on August 22nd. Come visit our booth, enter to win great prizes, and, if you get there early enough, take home a free giveaway from us (limited quantity)!

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, we set up a camera and created a time lapse video of the vinyl application process. What took about five hours is shortened into about 40 seconds so you can watch it at high speed! Thanks for reading and for your support of McPhillips Toyota in Winnipeg. We hope to see you in the dealership sometime!

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