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When you purchase a new vehicle, you want to keep it looking nice and new for as long as possible. Your vehicle is exposed to so many external influences over time, and its paint and upholstery can take quite a beating. Whether it’s tree sap on the paint, or food and drink spills on the fabric, accidents can happen and your car can be damaged.

Another factor to consider is rust. Your vehicle is made of steel, which is an iron alloy. When exposed to the air, it can rust over time. This can be both unsightly and a safety hazard, so it’s important to get any rust damage taken care of quickly on your vehicle.

Rust Module at McPhillips Toyota in WInnipegAt McPhillips Toyota in Winnipeg, we offer a selection of products through Diamond Kote to help protect your paint and upholstery for your vehicle. You can get products and coverage for a new vehicle, and also for a preowned vehicle. Vehicles are considered “new” when they are two years old or newer. Coverage for new vehicles is 10 years, and coverage for used vehicles is five years.

The rust module that we offer works by interrupting the chemical reaction that causes rust. It stops oxidization from occurring! This is guaranteed for 10 years. Undercoating (chassis protection) is guaranteed for 10 years as well.

We also offer paint protection, which is guaranteed for five years. This includes environmental damage. For example, tree sap, bird droppings, or acid rain that can cause damage to your paint. It also includes fading from sun damage or other sources.

The fabric stain guard that we offer is guaranteed for five years. It also includes rips, tears, and burns on top of stains.

These products work together to keep your vehicle looking nice and new, and also increasing the vehicle’s resale value. If you are thinking of trading in your vehicle, you can get all covered damages – paint, rust, and upholstery – taken care of, so when your vehicle is appraised, it’s in excellent condition.

Price and availability of all these products varies depending on your vehicle and your specific vehicle purchase transaction. Come to McPhillips Toyota in Winnipeg today to see what your options are! No matter when you purchased your vehicle, there’s always a protection solution that can work for you.

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  1. Drew

    Paint protection really can be an investment for your car in the long run when you think about resale value. A car in perfect condition with no chips or dings will get you a much better return. Thanks for posting.


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