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Mark Stuart Jersey at McPhillips Toyota in WinnipegA very exciting season for the Winnipeg Jets came to a close in the first round of the playoffs this past Wednesday. At the beginning of the season, not many people thought that the Jets would even make it into the playoffs at all!

It’s sad to be out in the first round, but making it into the playoffs shows that the team has experienced a lot of growth and improvement since it returned to Winnipeg in 2011. The past four years have resulted in a team transformed.

It’s thanks in part to Winnipeg Jets fans. Without a strong commitment from the community, the team would not have even been brought to our city. The Winnipeg Jets exist today because the stands are always full, and people are cheering louder than ever.

McPhillips Toyota is so happy that Toyota is an official sponsor of the Jets. It means that we have a huge opportunity to show our support for the team, give away tons of Jets memorabilia, and engage with other Winnipeggers about the team. Every game day, we get to wear our jerseys which is a lot of fun! It was our pleasure this past season to work with Mark Stuart in particular, who came by to autograph some jerseys and hats for us.

The season has officially come to a close, but we are still rooting for our home team! We’re already looking forward to next season, and the opportunities it holds for us and the Winnipeg Jets. Wednesday was the last jersey day that any of us are going to have for a while.

Thank you to everybody that participated in our giveaways, or watched the games to support the team. It takes a lot of people to keep an NHL team afloat. McPhillips Toyota is glad to be a part of it!

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