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Potholes are everywhere in Winnipeg!Potholes are everywhere in Winnipeg! They show up in the spring, after winter weather has eroded the roads. These ruts can sometimes cause damage to your vehicle. The shallow ones aren’t too dangerous, but it’s often difficult to tell how deep they are because they’re filled with water. Even if you follow safe driving tips for dealing with potholes on the road, sometimes they cannot be avoided.

If you do hit a pothole, you can minimize damage to your vehicle by taking your foot off the break, rolling over the pothole at a low speed, and holding the steering wheel firmly so that you maintain control. Make sure you do not swerve sporadically to avoid the pothole. This could send you into another lane of traffic, causing a collision if there is a vehicle beside you.

If you’ve hit a pothole and it has caused damage to your car, you have a couple options to get it fixed. One is to pay out of pocket for any repair costs. If all you need is a new hubcap or something small, stop by our dealership to have your parts ordered, and then book a service appointment to have your car repaired.

If your repairs are going to be costly, it might be worth it to make an insurance claim. Generally, you will be found at fault for the accident. It is justified that if you were driving according to conditions, you would have been able to avoid the pothole in the first place. Even with an increase in driver’s licensing premiums and insurance premiums, as well as your vehicle deductible, it might still be worth it to go through your insurer.

For instance, with Manitoba Public Insurance, your increase in costs over five years to drive and license a vehicle shouldn’t cost you more than $1900, and will likely cost a lot less than that. Since it will take you no more than 5 years to get back to the same merit level that you’d be at otherwise, it can be reasoned that if your repair costs will be more than $1900, it’s almost always less costly to go through MPI. This is assuming that nothing else would alter the costs (e.g. the driver was not breaking the law).

If you have any other questions about potholes in Winnipeg, how best to avoid them, or how best to pay for damage as a result of a potholes, call or visit McPhillips Toyota in Winnipeg. 2425 McPhillips St 204-338-7985.

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