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Winter Tires at McPhillips Toyota in WinnipegWinnipeg just had a great burst of warm weather! Snow was melting, roads were wet and muddy, and people were slipping on the roads less than they have in months! Spring is on the way, and everyone is really excited about it.

This morning, however, was fairly icy! The temperature cooled down overnight, and everything froze back up quite a bit. This meant that all the melting from the last few days resulted in large ice patches. Many people were glad they hadn’t had a chance to take their winter tires off yet.

So, when is the best time to take your winter tires off, and put your summer or all-season tires back on? It depends a lot on when spring hits each year, and what temperatures you can expect. A good rule to follow is that winter tires should be on if temperatures are below 7 degrees Celsius. For example, if the forecasts predict a high of 6-8 and lows that are still freezing temperatures or very close to it, you are likely better off to leave your winter tires on. If temperatures are not often dropping below 7 degrees, then you know it’s time to switch to your summer tires.

Right now in Winnipeg, even though we can expect some nicer days ahead, many nights will still drop below freezing. It’s probably best to leave winter tires on for a few more weeks, until you can be assured that you won’t encounter ice on the road any more.

If you have studded tires, they are only permitted between October 1st and April 30th in Manitoba. After that, you have to switch to a non-studded tire. By the end of April temperatures should be within that ideal 7 degrees range.

If you’re in need of new summer or all-season tires, see McPhillips Toyota for purchase and installation. If you’re looking for good deals on winter tires, now is a great time to call McPhillips Toyota in Winnipeg! We just might have markdown winter tires to fit your vehicle. See dealer for details.

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