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Toyota Prius-C in Electric Lime Green at McPhillips Toyota in Winnipeg!There are many common misconceptions about hybrid cars, and being a Toyota dealership, we discuss these ideas with people all the time. Not only do we have the Prius, Prius-C and Prius-V, but also the Camry Hybrid and the Highlander Hybrid. With such a wide array of sizes and vehicle types available, there’s a hybrid vehicle for just about everyone!

One common misconception is that hybrids are not as powerful as a similar vehicle with a regular engine. This is not true! The beauty of a hybrid vehicle is that you get the same engine capabilities of a regular, similar-sized vehicle, plus the fuel-saving electric motor which charges off the main engine and powers your vehicle once it’s charged. So, if you get the 2015 All Wheel Drive Highlander Hybrid XLE, it’s the same as the non-hybrid equivalent Highlander!

Another myth about hybrids is that the battery needs to be plugged in. This is definitely false. For a hybrid vehicle, like the Camry Hybrid, you don’t have to plug it in. The only vehicles that need to be plugged in are ones that specifically state so, like the Prius Plug-In, or a vehicle that is solely electric, not hybrid.

The cost of a hybrid car is, at face value, higher than an equivalently-equipped non-hybrid. However, this doesn’t mean that the cost of ownership is higher. Depending on how much you drive and how efficiently you drive, you can easily break even, and most of the time even come out a head when the gas savings are taken into account! Plus, the fuel savings are great for the environment, and also mean you’ll have to stop at the gas station less often.

Something that many people don’t know about hybrids is that they do very well in cold weather. Even on the most frigid Winnipeg winter days, hybrids start with as much ease as a non-hybrid equivalent vehicle.

We carry hybrids for up to 8 passengers, we have hybrid sedans, hybrid hatchbacks, and hybrid SUVs in stock now! There’s a ton of selection and variety with hybrid vehicles, and the benefits definitely stack up high! Call us at 204-338-7985 or visit our website to learn more about hybrids, and book a test drive to see how much fun hybrids are to drive!

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  1. Logan Blade

    I have had my Prius C since Oct 2014 7,234km’s ago. It is even better than I thought it would be. There are many features that it has that are not on the comparable gas only vehicle, so there is quite a bit aside from the Hybrid engine you are gaining to make up the cost. find out more @ McPhillips Toyota on your test drive with me

  2. gerry miles

    I just purchased a new 2015 Prius c, and travel conservatively on highway trip, 425 km, it took only half a tank of gas, mileage worked out to 63.3 mpg’s. Not once did I use Eco mode, only use a/c on the way back. Took a few stops to lighten the break in period, but I did exceed the highway rating of 55 mpg. Its like a team effort when driving a great hybrid car.thanks to Mcphillips Toyota for making this dream connection come true.


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