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The 2015 Toyota Sienna has an optional premium dual-screen bluray entertainment system! You can watch a movie or video on one half of the screen, and hook up a gaming console, computer, or other device via the HDMI or A/V inputs on the other half. This gives you so many more options for how to keep kids entertained in the car. This video shows you how to use the system. Whether you’re looking to entertain kids on a long road trip, or just watching cartoons on the way to school in the morning, the Toyota Sienna makes it easy. You could even bring a whole gaming console on a trip, and have it powered through the outlet in the back seat!

Toyota Sienna SEThis feature is optional and is available on multiple Sienna models. Come check out all the new standard features, as well as how far the new Sienna can go, any time at our Toyota dealership in Winnipeg. We’d love to take you for a test drive. Your family will be safe and comfortable, with the Toyota Star Safety System, tons of features and options, and seating for up to eight passengers.

Leave a comment or give us a call at 204-338-7985 if you have any questions. We are always happy to help, no matter where you purchased your vehicle!

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